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At 9:00 pm, we will conduct a headcount and intel brief.  Sound off with your call sign, your units name, and your number in the headcount. After headcount we will share intel / current events.


What is the III% ??? Today we are hearing more and more about three percent groups and militias than at any other time in recent history. So who are they? What are they?

This is my sit down interview with Gen. Bloodagent the commanding officer of GSF III% and founder of III% Security Force.  

Locked and Loaded– Welcome Bloodagent Thank you for being here sir.  Tell us about III% Security Force

BloodAgenT - III% SECURITY FORCE  (III%SF) is comprised of men and women as citizens in esch state which come together to form a chapter.  Each chapter is classified as being part of the “Unorganized Militia,” we are officially a civilian volunteer organization.
We will come to the defense of public and private property, lives, and liberty to exercise God-given rights, seen plainly in the laws of Nature, and codified in the Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights. All local laws (not in violation of the U.S. Constitution and/or State Constitutions) shall be observed by members of III%SF. Each and every member and personnel within III%SF shall always conduct himself/herself with professional aptitude, integrity, and respect of others at all times. III%SF and its members shall not and will not ever cause or create any attempt to attack or overthrow any local, state, or federal department. We will never advocate or promote violence towards any organizations, groups, or persons.
III%SF is a currently a company sized element consisting of teams located within many states. Each State Security Force trains and prepares itself in the event of becoming a QRF (quick reaction force) to defend actions taken upon the state, The United States of America, and its citizens. At that time, each State Security Force will then and only then, take up a defensive posture in the shortest amount of time possible. At any point an enemy takes action to use force on American citizens, it becomes our responsibility to defend them. Each team has a wide variety of missions ranging from disaster preparedness to terrorist prevention.
We will defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic. We will guarantee freedom and liberty as described in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitutions of the State of Georgia, the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights, so help us God.

Locked and Loaded - We have seen a lot going on the world today as far as Police shootings, Racial tensions and of course the threats from ISIS against our Military here in the states. I know that is kind of a broad spectrum of issues so let’s talk about the first.

Militias are often accused of being racist hate mongers and anti government. How would you compare the men and women of GSF III% against accusations of that caliber. I recently published an article about the KKK trying to infiltrate conservative and Tea Party groups. What is your stance on these type of issues?

Bloodagent– I like the way the Marines sum it, we are green and dark green Marines!
GSF III% has a zero tolerance policy regarding racial discrimination.  The Constitution says a militia is necessary for the security of the free state.  The State of Georgia says  the militia is comprised of all males between 17 and 45 and physically capable of acting in our common defense.  A hate group is an organized group or movement that advocates and practices hatred, hostility, or violence towards members of a race.  Hate groups engage in hate speech aimed at perpetuating hatred towards others.  If these are the standards, the differences are very clear. The problem is that progressives control the media which regurgitates the idea that militias and hate groups are one in the same.  The problem is further compounded when the halls of government echo the same false narrative.  The problem will not be solved by appealing to the media or the government to correct itself.
Regardless, it is important for GSF III% to know the differences between militia and hate groups so that we do not allow racists to enter our ranks.  I have sat around many fires since I became involved in the militia and I have found nothing but camaraderie, brotherhood, and an unwavering commitment to God and Country.  If GSF III% were to be infiltrated, I am sure at some point the infiltrator will spew his poisonous rhetoric before our fire.  At that point, we would sever communications with him.  I suggest other groups do the same.
As for militias being anti government, I joined the Marines to serve my country.   I did not take an oath to defend the government, I took an oath to defend the Constitution.  I feel like I am still serving my country by uniting people for our common defense.  I joined the militia when I lost my confidence in the current government.  I did not lose my confidence in our form of government.  I believe opposition and political dissent motivated most of us to seek out and form our militias but I do not believe that makes us anti government.  Militiamen & women volunteer to defend our Constitution and each other while the current government violates the Constitution and rapes the citizenry.  If these two outlooks converge, GSF III% will stand with the people.

Locked and Loaded– So what is your take on everything going on around us right now? And if you could say something to the rest of the citizens of this Nation, What would it be?

Bloodagent – Look at what happened in France.  I was watching the clip showing the attacks being executed by the islamic terrorists.  The cell phone video showed the black clad terrorists from the window of an apartment 200 meters away.  I thought, “Put the camera down and take them both out.”  That was not an option because the people of France cannot bear arms.  I say keep your weapon within arms reach.
Look at the way the left reaches for your firearm after public shootings or how congress put gun ownership for some veterans in the hands of a judge as part of the latest defense bill.
Look at what happened on December 24, 2014.  The UN Small Arms Treaty went into effect, which will effectively push the US to become more like France.  I say again, “Keep your weapon within arms reach.”

Locked and Loaded– Concerning ISIS and Islam as a whole. ISIS has called for American blood to be spilled and in some cases it has been. We had the beheading in Kentucky and the threat to our military and their families here at home. I for one will not stand for Islamic Jihad in our country. I will not bow down to the threats of Islam and I will not ever live under Sharia law. There are many of Americans that feel the same way. Many ask all the time what can we as citizens do to be prepared?

How would GSF III% respond to a terror attack in the state of Georgia?

Bloodagent – The first thing GSF III% would do would be to conduct a headcount to make sure every member is safe and accounted for.  If the situation warrants, GSF III% has the ability to mobilize within 3 hours of an alert being sounded.  If the attack were to be limited in size and scope, we would identify ourselves to law enforcement officers and offer our assistance.  If the attacks are continuous and the threat is on-going GSF III% will locate, close width and destroy the enemy by fire and maneuver, or repel the enemy’s assault with fire and close quarters combat.  GSF III% will be training very hard in 2015 to increase our operational capabilities to respond to any threat to ourselves or our fellow countrymen here in the great state of Georgia.
To the citizens in Georgia who hear the calls for ISIS to attack police officers, active military members, and veterans I urge you to seek out like minded individuals and begin planning an effective defense.  GSF III% is ready and willing to assist patriots in finding other patriots.  We also have alliances with other patriots groups inside and outside of Georgia to share intel with and we will honor each others request for assistance.  The worst thing you could do is to plan to “go at it alone.”

Locked and Loaded– Well I want to thank you for your time and I look forward to sitting down with you again in the future.

These are the type of patriots we need standing tall in this country. It is our duty as citizens to protect the future for our children and loved ones. God bless The GSF III% and all other militias and III% groups that are still willing to stand and if need be fight and die for our freedom here at home.

-Revolution is my name
​Jason Light of Locked and Loaded

III% Security Force